Woodcrafted design lighting

3 models, 9 premium wood types, custom-crafted

Branching out to flourish

The art of woodworking and lighting combined

Exceptional wooden quality

Every Kingswood is unique in its wood properties. Our craftsmen handpick and manipulate the raw material only from first-class, solid and 100% organic material to ensure our high quality standards are met.

Crafted for your interior

Each Kingswood is available in 9 different types of wood. Thanks to our handmade crafting process, Kingswood lights can also be made in a variety of dimensions, ensuring a tailormade solution for every type of interior.

Details matter

Kingwood enjoys reinforcing the beauty in the simplicity of a lighted wooden beam. Hence, we include subtle suspension solutions for pendulum lights and numerous cording options to ensure a unique finishing touch.

High-quality lighting components

Characteristic for this first generation of Kingswood lights is the double-beam atmospheric light technology. By opting for leading LED quality, Kingswood lights have the best direct-to-surface and ambient light qualities on the market.

Superior artisanship

Our day-to-day gratification stems of creating 100% Belgian handcrafted quality wooden lighting. By proving our passionate workmanship from designing to varnishing, we make Kingswood products made to last a lifetime.

Three different models

Choice illuminates the mind







Get inspired

Craft your own tailor-made KingsWood

Soon you will be able to craft your own KingsWood on our website!

Branching out to flourish

On a mission for a brighter world

Kingswood’s mission is to make a long-lasting and warm impact on interiors worldwide by focusing on customer satisfaction and by contributing to a better world. On every light sold, Kingswood partially donates its profit to WakaWaka (“shine bright” in Swahili). WakaWaka provides emergency lighting to survivors of catastrophic earthquakes, families displaced by war and strife, and many others.

Meet WakaWaka